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Preston Zly - Haarlem - Cognac Print


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In designing Haarlem, Preston Zly have answered the call to create a style with a medium heel that is just that bit lower than the standard mid-heel height. The upper design is super simple to highlight the beautiful lines of this last - with its sharp asymmetrical toe shape. With the addition of glossy 3d printed heels that hint at the classic Louis heel but is in fact super modern – aiming for the lines of the 3d printing to read quite clearly so you can see the super modern element. This style has a slightly historical puritan feel which is juxtaposed with its modern shape and heel. These fabulous Preston Zly shoes have been made lovingly by hand with great attention to detail and the best materials. Care, however, must be taken to maintain these beautiful shoes to keep them at their best. For general cleaning we recommend using baby wipes (but NOT for suede or nubuck) and a shoe polish (in the appropriate colour) or a neutral leather conditioner, occasionally, to keep the leather at its finest. If suede or nubuck, please give regular light sprays with a waterproof spray. This does not guarantee your pair of shoes will not get stained – it will simply make it easier to remove marks. It is your responsibility to maintain heel caps and soles. As they wear down please have your heel caps replaced. Please have Topy soles put on the soles of your shoes as this greatly increases the lifespan of your shoes.