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ODD END Studio - Tall Upcycled Tote Bag - Men's - Royal Blue



The TALL Tote is a canvas bag that’s lightweight, expandable, made to last and water repellent. This life-saver product has the perfect size and features for carrying your daily essentials, groceries, and stationery around! The features that make TALL the go-to tote bag include an inner pocket, outer pocket and expandable gussets. Handmade in London from locally sourced & high-quality excess fabric. Limited edition: The number of products we produce is entirely dependent on the size of each fabric we found. Therefore, everything we make is part of a limited edition, making them even more special! Upcycled material: Fabric: 100% Polyester Canvas (Water-resistant) Fabric Story: We purchased this high-quality and fabulous-looking fabric from a London-based supplier that collects excess fabric from local high-end manufacturers. Features overview: -Inner pocket -Outer pocket -Water-resistant fabric How to clean: -Wipe with a damp cloth -Shake or brush off dirt -For small spots, use warm water and a sponge or brush -If you wash the waxed cotton, you will need to reproof it using reproofing spray