The NoStik® Silicone Pastry Mat combines an anti-slip work surface with a baking sheet for baking without the need for any parchment or greasing. Thanks to the silicone anti-slip side, the mat stays in one place without moving when kneading, mixing, preparing and rolling out pasta, mince or dough for cookies, biscuits and pizza. When your preparation is finished, the mat can easily be placed in the oven. The silicone coating ensures food never sticks to the surface. AdvantagesDual usage: Anti-slip work surface and non-stick oven mat Healthy way of cooking: butter or cooking fat not needed Easy to clean in warm soapy water, dishwasher-safe Suitable for all types of ovens Handy measurement markers Instructions for use and care: Heat-resistant to 260°C Avoid contact with flames, heating elements and sharp objects - preferably use wooden or plastic utensils

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