Your versatile, hand carved soapstone tray is perfect for jewellery, keys, decorative treasures like crystals, small bathroom items, or left empty for the sheer beauty of its simplicity. It has been designed to fit three of our soapstone plant pots inside (sold separately).Soapstone is a beautifully tactile metamorphic rock with a marble-like appearance. The natural variations in the surface are part of its distinctive charm. Soapstone is a natural material, therefore each piece will have varied colours and patterns. Our soapstone products are polished and treated with natural beeswax. ##### **WHO MADE YOUR SOAPSTONE CARVING?**All of our contemporary soapstone products are hand carved in a small town in the South West of Kenya. Our products are carved by a youth self-help group, founded in 1996 with 40 members.**Read more about our Artisans here.**##### **DETAILS**Materials: Soapstone Sizing: Length 32.5cm x Width 9.5cm x Height 1cm Approximately.##### CARE Please handle with care and always wash by hand. Soapstone is not suitable for dishwashers. **Read more about how to care for your goods on our Care Guide.**

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