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Joon - Canvas Faux Leather Men Tote Bag Camel



Tote Bag is designed for those who value contemporary arts and sustainable accessories. A timeless piece, always stylish, cool, and suitable for use. Hand-made design is produced by women's cooperative to empowered them socially and economically in Turkey. Created with the joint efforts of designers and the producer community. Made of dead waste stock fabric from local sources. This product is designed to give a second chance to the dead waste stock fabric from local sources. Has an effective use with hardening material and with functional 3 different sized pockets, one for pens, one for phones and other for coins. It has a modern and artistic look with semicircular forms. The go-to tote bag has the perfect size and ideal for use to carry essentials, groceries, and stationery in daily lif Suitable for handwashing, no ironing.