Hefel - KlimaControl Comfort Duvet - 4 Tog - Super King


Size Super King King

Enjoy a peaceful sleep with this KlimaControl duvet from HEFEL. The wood cellulose-based TENCEL® fibre in the filling ensures an ideal sleeping climate and is distinguished by its special temperature and moisture regulating properties that feel pleasantly dry even when exposed to strong perspiration. The exceptional microstructure of TENCEL® disperses more moisture and vapour from the body than any other fibre and this duvet has been specially designed to regulate the sleep environment. Combine with pillows and toppers from HEFEL for the perfect night's sleep. Key features: * Duvet * Material: 100% HEFEL TENCEL® sateen * Filling: 100% HEFEL TENCEL® * Dimensions: 260x220cm * 4 tog * Perfect regulation of the sleeping environment * Heat-insulating and moisture-regulating * Skin friendly, dermatologically tested