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Atelier de Charlotte - Dolly Parton Silver Pineapple


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These unique heels are made out of pineapple leather! All our designs are inspired and named after influential women of the XXth and XXIst century. In its last collection L'Atelier has used a lot of animal prints and bold colours that aim to reflect these women's strength and power. Our stylish as well as extravagant shoes are thought to be worn in a variety of scenarios. From day to day kitten heels and boots to funky party sandals and heels. In a society that mostly consumes fast fashion, we believe that durability and quality does not conflict with design and fair price.We only produce very small quantities of these unique and beautiful shoes. Moreover, our products are 100% made in Spain. We strongly believe in maintaining the long lasting tradition of shoes production. Pinatex, silver pineapple leather Upcycled leather inside and lining Upcycled leather sole 100% Made in Spain