Architectmade - T2 Teak Wood And Laminate Finn Juhl Tray - 48 x 30

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Designed in 1956 by the famous danish architect and designer finn julh, the reversible teak and laminate top is a must in scandinavian design. This two-sided tray is edited by architectmade with the utmost care according to the technical specifications and colors of finn juhl. Like the original model kept in finn juhl's house in ordrupgaard, in the vicinity of copenhagen, this tray does not include handles but is easily graspable thanks to the elegant curves on the short sides. We also recognize an authentic finn juhl reversible tray with the bevelled tails assembly and the signature of its creator. The selection of the best woods from sustainably managed forests and the use of an extremely scratch-resistant laminate ensure that this functional and decorative object has an almost unlimited lifespan. One side is always dressed in black laminate, while the other side can be white, blue, red or green. Each tray is delivered in an individual cardboard box. Size: 48cm Length x 30cm Depth Material: Teak Wood, Laminate;