Women Push-Up Everyday Bra,34D (Manufacturer Size: 90D)

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Size 75d 38 C 38 D 32 B 36 C 85d 34 A 32 D 34b/75b 36 A 36d/eur80d 38 B 38b 30 D 38a 32a/eur70a 32 A 30d/eur65d 38 A 38c 36b 36 B 34 B 34c/eur75c 80d 36a 36c 34b 32a 32c/eur70c 34c 34 D 32b 32c 34 C 32 C
Full effect bra by WONDERBRA is the ultimate push-up bra. With both gel and air cushions this bra provides you with at least one cup size larger bust. Micro fibre material for a sophisticated look. Weighs only 80 grams. Made of 45% Polyester 43% Nylon 12% Elastane.