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Vita Liberata pHenomenal Organic Tan Infused Cloths 8 Pack in Beauty: NA. Vita Liberata pHenomenal Organic Tan Infused Cloths 8 Pack in Beauty: NA. Never before has your pHenomenal glow been so convenient. Vita Liberata pHenomenal Organic Tan Infused Cloths are infused with the hero pHenomenal formula for a long lasting, natural-looking tan in an easy-to-use, biodegradable cloth. Enriched with certified organic botanicals like Aloe Vera, Raspberry, and Pomegranate and supercharged with Advoganic technology, these handy cloths treat and condition your skin while delivering a healthy, natural tan that lasts for up to 10 days.. Untinted formula for invisible, transfer-free application. Flash Dry formula for instantly dry results. Formulated without parabens, harsh chemicals, fragrance, alcohol, animal derivatives, petrochemicals, sulfates, and silicones. 8 cloths. With the first cloth, apply to clean, exfoliated skin starting with your face, then moving to your neck, decolletage, and arms. Use the second tanning cloth to tan your legs and stomach. Wash palms thoroughly. VLBT-WU38. WR920. From their Irish base, Vita Liberata created the world's first odorless tan in 2007 and their unique Odor Remove technology is now present throughout the collection. In 2011, they became the first completely non-toxic tanning brand free from parabens, perfume, alcohol and all chemicals of concern. Natural and certified organic approved extracts are key to VL formulas. Offering a conditioning skincare treatment that also tans the skin is their goal, giving you a flawless skin finish that combines natural looking color, velvet soft skin and long-lasting hydration. They offer the widest range of at-home and professional tanning solutions to suit every skin type and tone, guaranteeing the ultimate tanning experience every time that fades perfectly back to nothing without you even noticing.