Izia La Nuit Eau De Parfum 30ml Fragrance Gift Set


The name of the fragrance, 'Izia La Nuit', is handwritten by Isabelle d'Ornano and incorporates the word Izia, the diminutive of Isabelle in Polish, giving the fragrance a personal, intimate touch. The name appears in gold leaf on a midnight blue box scattered with stars. These eye-catching touches of radiant gold present a new opportunity to discover or rediscover the magic of this fragrance. Izia la Nuit is an ode to the night, another tribute to a mysterious and unique rose found in Isabelle d'Ornano's garden that only blooms once a year for a short time. Inspired by the original Izia, a bright, airy floral scent, Izia La Nuit offers a renewed intensity combined with the warmth brought by vanilla and amber blends with the sensuality of the rose. Izia la Nuit is a sophisticated and modern scent that combines fruity and colourful notes with deep woody and leathery facets for an elegant, long-lasting trail. Set contains: Izia La Nuit Eau De Parfum, 30ml Izia La Nuit Eau De Parfum, Purse Spray, 6ml