H5670 Jumbo Hair Curlers - with FREE extended guarantee*

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The Remington H5670 Jumbo Hair Curlers give you deluxe curls without frizz. * 2 years standard guarantee that can be extended to 3 years when you register your product at The large set of 12 rollers are packed with ceramic and pro ionic conditioning to keep your hair shiny and healthy looking while the wax core heats up fast to hold your curls in place for longer. The heat up fast and ceramic coating evenly distributes the warmth for an easy and effortless glide during curling with no snagging. ionic conditioning also ensures that as hot air travels through the rollers they emit ions to eradicate frizz, leaving you with shiny, healthy hair with plenty of volume. A wax core holds the heat for longer than other types of hot roller, resulting in curls that are firmer and more resistant to dropping. This is particularly useful if you've got fine hair that sometimes proves too flyaway for styling or for thick hair that can be a struggle to tame around rollers. The pack contains 12 rollers – 8 silver jumbo-sized ones measuring 32 mm wide and 4 purple super jumbo-sized ones at 43 mm. Each one is also designed with cool-touch ends to help you work your style without burning your fingers. The jumbo rollers come as a full package, giving you all the kit needed for fantastic curls. You also get 12 comfort hair clips for help when fastening the rollers and 12 hair pins to help secure them in place. Pack is presented in a smart case for easy and convenient storage. Remington H5670 features:
  • 12 velvet touch colour coded rollers with clips & pins
  • Wax filled core retains
  • High heat to help set curls faster and maintain curls for longer
  • Ionic conditioning for frizz free shine
  • On light indicator
  • Cool touch ends
  • 2 sizes approx. 4 x 43 mm & 8 x 32 mm