Women's 'Marina' Sterling Silver Bracelet by Helena Rohner


Women's Sterling Silver bracelet by Helena Rohner. Crafted in Spain, this bracelet has figure of eight style links and is finished with a solid interlocking clasp. Pair with matching choker necklace . View all Women's Jewellery Helena Rohner The sculptural simplicity of line inherent in Helena Rohner’s jewellery is a reflection of her bond with the landscape of her native Canaries – it is as if one is wearing a glimpse of sunlight or a soft, almost carnal, mineral that is shaped not by a human hand, but by nature’s elements. Helena’s collections, both timeless and contemporary, show a sensual attention to harmony and a love of colour and diverse materials – she uses not only gold and silver, but porcelain, stone, textile, and wood Born into a Spanish-Swiss family, Helena’s home was filled with weaving and puppet making. She discovered her calling at evening jewellery-making courses that ran parallel to her academic, education in London, via Geneva and Florence. 925 Sterling Silver