Le Grand Bleu Vertical Handle Planter - Ceramics By Laura


Le Grand Bleu Vertical Handle Planter, part of a monochromatic collection composed of vases and pots made with stoneware by Ceramics By Laura. The Le Grand Bleu collection is a set of pieces composed of vases, planters and bowls. The title of the collection is a reference to the movie of the same name, the true story of a man fascinated by the depths of the sea, that blue and mysterious world. The Le Grand Bleu collection is the fruit of the same fascination with blue, that intense, deep and complex colour. The mat blue glaze which overlays the pieces of the collection is the result of a long chemical research, a true quest of the perfect blue. View all Home Ceramics By Laura Ceramics By Laura is set of handmade ceramics made with love and produced in small batches by Laura Philippon, a French ceramist working in her workshop based in Perroux, France. After she graduated in graphic design and ceramic craft, Laura decided to create her ceramic studio, where each collection is designed in a minimalistic way. She works with geometric shapes and plays with handles as a graphic and ornamental element. She is always looking for the perfect balance between the shape and the colour in order to bring a feeling of harmony. Hand-made in France White pottery hand-painted and glazed in a deep blue matte finish