Body Cream - 300ml - Zagara

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Enrich your skin with Ortigia's luxuriously rich body cream. Highly perfumed, it sinks deep into the skin leaving a lingering fragrance. Infused with olive oil & lanolin, it will leave skin feeling silky smooth. Key features: * Luxurious body cream enriched with olive oil & lanolin * Zagara scent - orange tree blossoms with a woody base * Capacity: 300ml * No parabens or additives * Highly perfumed - sinks deep into the skin * Leaves a lingering essence f orange blossoms * Light & silky - ideal for body or hands * Body cream available in several scents * Scent available as a fragrance diffuser, candle, soap & more * Beautiful packaging - no need for gift wrap * More creams, soaps & scents by Ortigia available