Smudge Brush #45

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Take your look from day to night with the Nars Smudge Brush. This is the tool in your expert's beauty belt. The simple design allows you to smudge out your crease, corners, and your eye line. Take the edge of this perfect brush and slowly buff up to smoke your eyes out to their most luxurious. Take the brush to heavy eyeliner to erase the lining and give you a beautiful, pristine finish. The edges of the Nars Smudge Brush are the best tool to pull your colour down around your lash line. Quickly correct any accidental fallout without having to wash and redo your foundation. This brush can save you time and it will help you perfect that always sultry smoky eye look. Smoke it out with the Nars Smudge Brush, a cosmetic product to create flawless, smouldering eyes. Key Benefits:
  • Smoky eye essential
  • Long-lasting brush
  • Picks up and controls pigment deposit
  • One of the only brushes that you'll need
  • Easy to clean and carry