Fibre Sprayer Light Brown (22.5g)

The Nanogen Fibre Sprayer creates a maximum hair thickening effect for an instantly fuller appearance. Suitable for any hair type, any gender and even the most sensitive scalps, the sprayer contains pure keratin which has exactly the same density and feel as natural hair to prevent irritation.With a patented KineticTM technology metal strip, the jar loads hair thickening fibres with 400% more electrostatic charge for stronger binding to the hair, delivering long-lasting results even through wind, rain and perspiration. Creates a dipolar charge to ensure the fibres branch out for voluminous, luscious locks.Ideal for partings or visible crowns, the sprayer features a slim nozzle for a precise and mess-free application, whilst the secure slide lock is ideal for travelling. The unique Colour Locking technology means Nanogen fibres will not leak dye onto your skin, so you can wear them with confidence. E.N.Dermatologically tested.