9-Carat Yellow Gold, 75 Point Solitaire Ring

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Moissanite MOISSANITE 9CT YELLOW GOLD 75 POINT SOLITAIRE RING This Moissanite 9 Carat Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring has a wonderfully traditional appeal. The band is crafted in classic 9 carat yellow gold, with a beautifully polished finish that frames a stunning moissanite stone. This near colourless jewel has 2.4 times the fire of a diamond to ensure a truly magical sparkle. The four claw setting in a sleek silver tone adds a modern flourish, while still ensuring the overall look is one of timeless elegance. Useful info:
  • 9 carat yellow gold
  • Moissanite stone
  • 75 point diamond equivalent (100 points = one carat)
  • Moissanite 9 Carat Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring
  • Metal Type: Yellow gold