Mavamed Fungal Nail Solution 5ml

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Tend to fungal nail infections with Swiss skincare and cosmetics brand Mavala’s Mavamed Fungal Nail Solution; a medicated topical treatment that puts an instant stop to the development of fungus, avoiding spreading onto other nails. Caused by microscopic fungals that proliferate in hot, dark, wet conditions (like poorly-ventilated shoes), Onychomycisis makes nails brittle and flaky, causes discolouration and is contagious. Powered by an effective ‘Instant Killer’ complex, the formula utilises a blend of Tea Tree Oil, Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils, Lactic Acid and Urea to bring down the nail’s pH levels, thus inhibiting the growth and spreading of fungal threads. Also ideal for creating a physical barrier to prevent the spreading of Mycosis.