Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Mask 30ml

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An at-home facial treatment, the Kora Organics exfoliating mask offers a gentle pamper session for lacklustre skin. The face mask utilises expert ingredients that work to unveil a smooth, glowing complexion. Designed to detoxify, the formula supports a newfound radiance. Rosehip Seeds and Quartz gently polish at surface level. Naturally-derived enzymes from Papaya power alongside Aspen Bark to draw impurities from the pores. Turmeric is said to deliver anti-inflammatory properties; it aims to brighten, calm and protect complexions from age-accelerating external aggressors. Finally, Peppermint Essential Oil upgrades the mask with invigorating properties. This exfoliating face mask refines uneven texture and offsets dullness, promoting a luminous visage that’s soft to touch.