Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque 125ml


Treat your complexion to an ultra-hydrating blanket of nourishment with the Kiehl’s overnight mask, a formula that works to transform your skin while you sleep. Come morning, your visage will have a healthier-looking sheen for a refreshed, reinvigorated illusion. Enriched with fountain plant, which is also referred to as ophiopogon japonicus root extract, the masque harnesses this botanical’s drought-resistant properties to support your skin’s natural barriers. Added glacial glycoprotein extract is derived from Antarctica and helps to deliver essential moisture to dry and dehydrated skin types. Because the ingredient is naturally protected against freezing, it’s an effective solution to keeping skin softer and suppler even in cold temperatures. It works by maintaining natural moisture reserves to avoid excess water loss in extreme weather. Finally, desert plant extract or imperata cylindrica is rich in potassium, which helps skin to stay hydrated for longer. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.