Seoulista Beauty Super Hydration 3 Pack Mask

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Style Notes Achieve flawless skin with the Seoulista Beauty Super Hydration Multi 3-Pack. Pioneering Korean skincare innovation, this trio of instant facials work in just 20 minutes. Formulated with hydrating hyaluronic acid, maple leaf and coconut, your complexion is brighter, nourished and more youthful than ever before. Details & Care Enjoy this special value collection of three Super Hydration Instant Facials - the perfect travel companion for glowing holiday skin, or a targeted treatment programme for the lead up to a special event! Made from natural ingredients, this one-step dry skin face mask is a hydrating skin-saviour, infused with hyaluronic acid.Cleanse your face thoroughly. Remove mask from packaging, unfold, and peel off protective film. Press the moisturising face mask to your face and peel off the outer layer, then smooth to fit facial contours. Allow the serum to infuse for 20 minutes before removing. Do not wash off. Smooth the remaining serum into the skin. MAPLE LEAF HYALURONIC ACID COCONUT.