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Duo Salon - IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

£380 £550
Inspired by salon grade IPL devices used in beauty salons around the world, the Duo Salon is our fast, safe and pain-free IPL solution and most powerful home IPL device yet. It also features a unique Active Cooling Technology that soothes the skin, while heat generated by the light pulses is directed straight to the hair root. This makes sure every treatment is a cool and comfortable experience on your journey to long lasting hair reduction! Your Duo Salon, set beautifully in a carry vanity case, is equipped with everything you need to make the most of your treatments. The facial attachment provides maximum precision and extra protection for treating unwanted hair around your cheeks, chin and upper lip. Duo Salon gives you the power to fight back against unwanted hair growth. Intense Pulsed Light technology is a proven method used by professional salons to deliver long-lasting results, so you can minimise time spent on hair removal and maximise that satisfying smoothness. The combination of Intense Pulse Lightand Advanced Fluorescence Technologyin a single device means you can tackle the different types of hair found on the body. Every single hair on your body has its own growth cycle, so the Dual Technology targets the stubborn hair on your bikini line and underarms using highly powered single shot IPL treatments. For the rest of your body, simply glide over the skin surface like a shaver in AFT FreeglideTM mode. The Duo Salon has five light settings to deliver gentle and effective treatments. However, it is not effective on natural light-blonde, red, grey or white hair. It's also not effective for very dark skin tones.
  • Accessory List: 1 x Duo Salon Base Unit; 1 x Handheld Treatment Head; 1 x Facial Adaptor; 1 x Power Cord; 1 x Vanity
  • Depth: 145 MM
  • Height: 120 MM
  • Width: 260 MM
  • Power Type: Mains