Anti Ageing Lavender Eye Mask - Cream


Enjoy a relaxing night's sleep with this anti-ageing eye mask from Holistic Silk. Containing natural sericin, the 22 momme silk does not absorb natural moisture or night creams helping your skin repair and reenergise itself whilst you sleep, leaving you fresh faced morning after morning. Designed for ultimate comfort, the supersize design is non-restrictive and rests on your cheekbones and forehead with a ribbon tie to completely block out light. Filled with lavender, the eye mask's subtle scent even helps to encourage a restful night's sleep. It's a beauty no brainer. Key features: * Anti ageing eye mask * Material: 100% mulberry silk * Dimensions: 24x12cm * Contains natural sericin * Which helps skin retain natural moisture * In a cream tone * Filled with lavender * Ribbon tie fastening * Clean with a damp cloth or dry clean only