Terracotta Matte Sculpting Bronzer



An absolute legend and a planetary must-have, Terracotta powder by Guerlain has been weaving its destiny since 1984. Inspired by a trip to the heart of the desert, it captures all the reflections of the sun and lights up the complexion with an instant natural sun-kissed glow. And since skin is never more beautiful than when it is tanned, Guerlain is enriching the Terracotta legend with an even more desirable face and body ritual for a longer-lasting beautiful tan. Soft and easy to apply, this sun-kissed powder warms the complexion and sculpts the features. Its comfortable, ultra-fine texture blends beautifully with the skin to build the result up to the desired intensity. Enriched with Kaolin, a white clay known for its mattifying properties, Terracotta Matte powder sculpts the complexion with a shine-free finish. Long-lasting make-up result* The complexion remains matte all day long** The skin's moisturisation is preserved*** *Instrumental test, single application, 20 volunteers. **Self-assessment, daily application for 4 weeks, 31 volunteers. ***Instrumental test, single application, 11 volunteers. How to use: To sculpt the complexion in 3 seconds or give a shine-free sun-kissed look to the entire face, try the Guerlain secret: trace a '3' on the skin. Apply the sculpting powder with a brush, tracing a '3' on each side of the face, from the forehead to just under the cheekbones, from under the cheekbones to the chin, finishing with a stroke down the neck.