Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick Comfort & Hold

13 Rouge Interdit
06 Rose Nocturne
16 Wanted Coral
12 Rouge Insomnie
10 Boyish Rose


Givenchy Rouge Interdit. This sensual, signature red lipstick is guaranteed to make a mark and turn heads. With long-lasting wear, absolute comfort and a vibrant, satin colour, this is the perfect lipstick for any occasion. Its creamy, silky texture arises from a combination of cutting-edge ingredients with unprecedented performances. Only Givenchy uses the precious oil of the dark and enigmatic black rose in its lip beauty products. This oil helps keep lips soft and moisturised, while other feather-light oils create a sheer layer so unbelievably weightless you'll forget it's there, providing endless comfort and unparalleled texture. The Absolute Colour complex contains micronised pigments and highly reflective, perfectly even crystals that accentuate the depth and glow of the shade. Designed for the beauty devotee, this lipstick is available in twenty-four shades to suit any fashion look. The black lacquered tube with graphic styling and a sensuous ribbon adds a final Couture touch. Are you ready to break the rules with Rouge Interdit? How to use: Starting from the centre of the upper lips, apply directly to the mouth in an outward motion. Repeat the step for the lower lips. For maximum pigment penetration, smooth in with the fingertip after application. For maximum shine, apply Noir Révélateur as a topcoat.