French Girl
Clear Skin Elixir skin oil 9ml

at Selfridges
We know, it’s a little misleading, but French Girl isn’t actually from Seattle in the U.S. of A. The American label doesn’t test on animals, they cheekily claim to test on French girls instead... put two and two together et voilà, the name is born. Blended from select botanical oils, this Clear Skin Elixir skin oil is specifically formulated for blemish prone skin. Rosehip oil and linoleic acid reduce redness while blue chamomile and lavender essential oils soothe your skin, helping to prevent breakouts and reduce scarring. French Girl skin oil 9mlBlended from tamanu, argan and hemp oils to replenish acne prone skin; rose hip oil and linoleic acid containing vitamins C and A to increase cell turnover and reduce redness and scarring; blue chamomile and lavender essential oils to calm and soothe skin; tea tree and rosemary oil protect the spread of bacteriaApplication: apply to blemishes and your T zone9ml