Rainbow alphabet H ring in yellow gold with multicolor fine gems


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Attention to detail, chromatic harmonies, craftsmanship and a pinch of playful lightness narrate a new chapter of Dolce&Gabbana Fine Jewellery: the Alphabet Collection is the new line inspired by the fascinating power of letters which, from initials of a name, can be transformed into words and messages, with endles combinations.The line is completed by matching rings, characterized by a refined rounded yellow gold band with engraved logo and a pendant letter enriched by a veritable rainbow of natural gemstones such as topaz, garnet, amethyst, citrine, peridot and tourmaline: the shades of their colours, dominated by blue, green, purple, red, pink and yellow, evoke the warm atmospheres of Sicily. The multiple shapes of the crystals are also emphasized by the bezels, which alternate twisted thread processing and smooth surfaces. Technical specifications:• Gold 18 Kt• Gemstones: 1 rectangular with removed sharp corners light blue “Swiss" topaz, 1 round blue “London" topaz, 1 pear dark purple amethyst, 1 square cushion purplish red rhodolite garnet, 1 oval dark purple amethyst, 1 pear orangish red hessonite garnet, 1 round orange “Madera" quartz, 1 round strong yellow citrine, 1 square cushion yellowish green peridot, 1 rectangular with removed sharp corners green tourmaline.• Made in Italy