Le Volume Stretch De Volume and Length Mascara, 10 Noir



A stretch formula combined with a 3D-printed brush, entirely hollow for maximum flexibility, which coats and stretches lashes to infinity. The bristles of the brush form a spiral with spikes that catch, roll and lengthen lashes. With its jojoba extracts and a flexible latex-type film, the stretch formula lengthens and stretches lashes to infinity for an unparalleled eye-opening effect and controlled volume. Place the brush at the roots of the lashes and rotate the wrist to roll and stretch lashes outwards. For ultra-effective makeup removal, use DÉMAQUILLANT YEUX INTENSE. Hold a cotton pad moistened with makeup remover on each eye for 5 seconds, then delicately wipe downwards with a circular movement. Remove any remaining product by delicately gliding the cotton pad upwards.