La Base Mascara Volume and Care Lash Primer

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An essential step to strengthen lashes and enhance volume, this mascara base improves and extends wear when layered underneath CHANEL mascara. Your mascara brush glides smoothly over each lash to create sublime shine. The colour of your mascara is intensified for an exceptional finish. This formula contains a Meadowfoam oil derivative, an active ingredient with repairing and strengthening properties. Combined with this active ingredient, silicones protect and smooth the look of lashes. Day after day, lashes feel strengthened and fortified. Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for contact lens wearers. Apply LA BASE MASCARA on its own or under mascara: On its own, it strengthens lashes and makes them look shiny after the first use Under mascara, it improves the makeup result and prolongs hold It can also be used overnight as a strengthening mask