Mojave Ghost Hand Cream 30 ml

at 24 Sèvres
Mojave Ghost is inspired by a flower that lives in one of the most arid deserts in the world: the Mojave desert in the United States. This flower is called the "phantom flower," and is extremely beautiful and rare, requiring very little water to survive. The perfume boasts a very woody composition with a light and delicate character, slowly revealing its true intensity with notes of sandalwood, warm musk, and amber. The phantom flower is an extremely rare species that grows in the burning ground, its almost translucent pale petals evoking a delicate fragility contradictory to its ability to evolve where all existence seems impossible. Despite the arid environment and its inability to produce nectar, this phantom flower, also known as Mohave confertiflora, unfolds majestically and prosperously year after year. With stunning ingeniousness, the flower perfectly imitates its neighboring flowers, and thanks to this unique phenomenon of mimicry, becomes adorned with their most beautiful colors to draw in nearby rare insect pollinators. It is this incredible exploit, a tale of survival, that inspired Byredo's latest creation, a tribute to the most enchanting of flowers.