Bal d'Afrique Hand Cream 30 ml

at 24 Sèvres
The Parisian woman is devoted to pleasure. Provocative, emancipated, and liberated, she embodies eccentricity and a love of all things new. Such is the craze for Africa, jazz, the Charleston, the success of Joséphine Baker in 1925 in La Revue Nègre, and that of the "Croisièrme Noire" by André Citroën across the African continent. Bal d'Afrique, the latest addition to the Byredo collection of perfumes, is produced under the artistic direction of Ben Gorham. And because sensations and fragrances have the power to transport us into a world both familiar and foreign, Ben Gorham manages to convey his own vision of the Roaring Twenties. The prestigious nose, Jérôme pinette from Robertet, knew how to make this perfume happen. Breathe in an enveloping and romantic vetiver inspired by 1920 Paris and its extraordinary fascination for art, music, and dance. A unique and brilliant mix of the Parisian avant-garde and African culture, the combination of neroli, African tagete, and Moroccan cedar wood divinely expresses the intense lifestyle, excesses, and euphoria of the time.