Alex and Ani
Prints of Love Expandable Charm Bracelet, Rafaelian Silver-Tone

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The love we have for our pets is like no other. Never holding a grudge, they are the first to forgive, the first to forget, and the first to greet us when we come home after a long day. Animals are a reminder of what unconditional love means. They love us just the way we are. Adorned with Swarovski Crystal, this signature expandable feature allows everyone to have a piece of jewellery customised for a perfect fit. Expandable from 5cm to 8.9cm Product Care: Always remove jewellery before swimming, bathing, doing household chores, or using abrasive cleaners; Always store jewellery separately Always store jewellery separately. Use mild soap, water and a soft cloth is cleaning is required. Made in the United States