Men Mod. 4226 Sunglasses, black, size

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Size 59
Ray-Ban styles but given an innovative masculine twist. The model comes with the options of gradient, mirror and polar lenses. This squared shape is available in contemporary tones and finished with a 3D metal Ray-Ban logo on the temples, for a modern design that takes masculine highstreet style to a new level. The lenses are distortion free thanks to the diamond tools that shape them and offer the wearer true UVA ; UVB protection, together with also blocking harmful Blue light up to 400 nanometers. Gradient lenses follow the latest style trends in terms of shades and provide a wide range of colors creating exciting and unique looks. Description Lens Size Ray-Ban RB4226 sunglasses are available in a large 59mm ; regular 56mm lens size. This is the larger 59mm version. Clarity ; Comfort Crystal lenses with anti-reflective coating have been shaped by Diamond Tools and offer distortion free vision. UV Protection Every lens blocks 100% UVA, UVB ; harmful Blue light (up to 400nm) Impact Resistance Lens A steel ball is dropped on the lens from a height of 1.27m. After the chemical hardening, the impact resistance of Ray-ban glass is more than doubled. Scratch Resistance Lens Submitted to 500g of a special abrasive sand oscillating for 600 cycles. Compared to the most commonly prescribed lenses (CR-39), they are 12 times more resistant, thus exceeding by far the international standards Weatherproof Lens The Ray-Ban lens is exposed to consecutive cycles of UV light and moisture. The result after 120 hours of intense testing: no visible change in the colour and no surface damages on the lens. Lens Shape Rectangle Frame Colour Black Lens Colour Grey Gradient