Make delicious meals in far less time with the Clipso Minut' Easy from Tefal. It is lighter than a conventional pressure cooker and features a one-handed opening system plus five security systems, so it's safe and easy to use. Just place your ingredients inside, add liquid, close the lid and start to cook. The lid creates pressure, raising the temperature so food cooks faster, while the boiling liquid creates steam for deliciously tender results. Not just for soups and stews, this space-saving multi-tasker simmers, browns, bakes, boils, sautés and more. There's also a steaming basket, so you can lock in the flavour of vegetables, meats and fish, while preserving nutrients. Steaming with Clipso Minute' Easy retains up to 80% more vitamin C than cooking with a conventional stewing pot. The 6L capacity pot ensures there's plenty of food to go around.

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