Ideal for larger households or those who love to have plenty of summer BBQs, having the space an upright freezer offers is always handy. Siemens has designed this particular model with various storage options for all your frozen favourites, and a stainless steel finish that complements warm and cool colour-scheme kitchens. Capacity & StorageThis freezer offers 242L of capacity with five full-width freezer drawers. Saving energy, the transparent freezer drawers mean you can see the contents without having to open a drawer. Frost free design saves you work & energyYou'll never have to defrost again, thanks to this time-saving feature. Plus, the frost-free system ensures that powdery frost doesn't obscure your view or cover food, so you can easily see what's in store for dinner tonight.Fast Freeze protects frozen loads The stress of having to unpack ice cream before it melts is no more. The handy fast freeze function rapidly freezes your groceries as well as making sure any food that's already in the drawers doesn't defrost as you unpack this week's shopping.Reversible door hinge optimises space Thanks to its reversible door, you can control where this freezer will fit most conveniently in your kitchen. This is a particularly ideal feature if space in your home is at a premium.

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