Spectrolite 3.0 TRVL 68cm 4-Wheel Expandable Recycled Medium Suitcase



Offering the highest level of organisation and security, Spectrolite 3.0 TRVL is the perfect choice for business travellers. This collection brings you smart features, durability and thoughtfully designed interiors to ensure optimal packing comfort. Superior security Secure all pockets of your suitcase in one go with the integrated TSA cable lock. The main compartment comes with an extra-strong double coil zipper. Easy packing Enjoy optimal packing comfort with the compressible floating divider and the additional shoe, wet and zipped pocket. The divider pad comes with an extra zipped pocket to keep all your belonging organised. Made with recycled materials The lining fabric of Spectrolite 3.0 TRVL products is made with 100% recycled post-consumer waste (Recyclex® fabric), using between 11 and 26 recycled bottles (0,5L) per model.