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Heston Blumenthal by 5 in 1 Digital Thermometer

at John Lewis and Partners
The ultimate in precision, Salter and Heston Blumenthal introduce the Instant Read Digital Thermometer, great for the home cook or the professional chef. Versatile and functional, Heston's 5-in-1 Thermometer is suitable for a variety of cooking techniques and comes with an ‘info card' so that you can follow chef Blumenthal's recommended settings. Work with a temperature range of -45oC to 200oC (-49oF to 392oF) and roast with ease . The ‘intelligent roasting' feature records the temperature of the oven and the probe, starting a countdown to the meats finish time. A precision favourite, this 5- in-1 device will transform your culinary experience and help you get the best results, no matter which feature you choose to use! Key Features Use Heston's 5-in-1 thermometer for roasting, BBQ food, deep frying, confectionery and manual timing (also great for grilling and jam making!) Equipped with ‘intelligent roasting' feature, providing you with a countdown to the finish time. Measures up to 5 x faster than its counterparts for quick and easy readings. Dual sensors measure food and oven temperatures to give you a precise reading. Measures with accuracy to 0.1 oC for ultimate precision. Use the sturdy pan clip to avoid the device wiggling whilst deep frying or cooking confectionery. Guaranteed for up to two years.