Richardson Sheffield
V Sabatier 5 Piece Knife Block.

at Argos
Richardson Sheffield have been shaping the global knife market since 1839. Annually they sell 2million knives so you can trust they know what they are doing. This 5pc block is from their best selling "V SABATIER" collection and is manufactured just how all Sabatier knives have been for generations. Fully fordged with a precision taper ground blade and just the right wieght and balance. The 3 rivet handle is its trademark, the MoV steel offers blade retention and ease of sharpening. Set includes:Chef's knife. Carving knife. Bread knife. Paring knife. Small paring knife. Forged knives. All purpose knife. General information:Martensitic stainless steel knives with 3 rivet handles. Taper ground blades. Dishwasher safe. Gift boxed. Manufacturer's 30 year guarantee. EAN: 5013314700981.