Hue Low Voltage 100W Outdoor Power Supply



This power supply unit from Philips Hue allows you to add up to 100W of different lights, so you can create your own smart outdoor lighting system Connect two cables, each measuring up to 30 metres, to any low-voltage outdoor Philips Hue light on each connector, adding each fixture's wattage to reach the maximum 100W threshold of the power supply It is IP67 rated and specifically designed and tested for use in outdoor environments Philips Hue lights are based on low voltage, so they're safe to use and easy to install. They're perfect for illuminating your outdoor spaces with white and coloured light, whether you're brightening up dark pathways or highlighting a particular spot To find out how many Philips Hue outdoor lights you can connect to this 100W unit, please refer to the individual wattage on each of your Hue smart lights