4.3W E14 SES LED Non-Dimmable Candle Bulb, Clear



This non-dimmable 4.3W LED bulb is equivalent to a powerful 40W. It's energy efficient and offers comfortable shades of warm white light and has an E14, small edison screw (SES) fitting. Worth Knowing This table is a guide to show you the equivalent bulb wattage across halogen, LED and traditional bulbs. Traditional WattageHalogen EquivalentLED EquivalentLumens25W18W4W250+40W28W5.5W-6W470+60W42W8W-8.5W806+75W53W11W1055+100W70W13W1521+ Watts vs Lumens A bulb's watt rating indicates how much energy it uses. The higher the watt, the more energy it requires. Lumens is a measure of brightness. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light.