+ Braun White Classic Large Analogue Quartz Wall Clock.


This Braun classic white wall clock features a large, easy to read dial layout and a timeless design. The second hands sweeps silently around the face. Paul Smith's limited edition take on Braun's iconic BC17 wall clock retains the simplistic design whilst adding a subtle splash of colour to the second hand in the form of the eye-catching 'Artist Stripe'. Braun The term “Braun Design" refers to a particular approach to creating products. A typical feature is the combination of technical innovation, a new aesthetic, and a degree of user-friendliness that has been thought through down to the smallest detail. Fritz Eichler described the main features of Braun Design by referring to Richard Moss*, according to whose analysis three laws govern Braun Design: simplicity, order, and harmony. The rest of these terms refers to the creation of a harmonious form using a minimum of materials. Braun products therefore consciously eschew short-term design effects and everything that is trendy, spectacular, loud, or obtrusive. The result is products that possess an iconic clarity and visual longevity – “Less, but better," so that the focus is on the essential aspects. A common design foundation connects all Braun products into one distinctive product line, no matter how different the functions of the appliances may be. The concept of ‘less, but better’ has its origins in the Bauhaus movement, but it was Braun that created a mind-set of order, clarity and simplicity and applied it to electrical appliances. For six decades, Braun’s humanistic approach to design has inspired designers and companies around the world. Easy to read dial layout Silent sweeping second hand with 'floating' effect Large face 30cm diameter