Serving Tray Small Fia Pale 27 x 20 cm


Pappelina's stylish hand crafted Small Fia pale turquoise birch veneer tray is the perfect way to serve your food and drinks! We all want to carry things around - bring breakfast or coffee out into the garden or to the bedroom, down to the boat or maybe even on a picnic, enjoy dinner on the sofa in front of a good movie - and now you can with this collection of trays from Pappelina. All the trays are durable, water proof and heat proof, plus they make for a very stylish addition to your kitchen counter! Each tray is unique and hand crafted from birch veneer in Sweden. To clean wipe with a damp cloth or wash up by hand and then dry.Pappelina - A Swedish family run company renowned for quality, detail, integrity, professionalism and humanity. 20x27cm