Leifheit's Linomatic 600 Deluxe Rotary is the largest and most deluxe within Leifheit's rotary range. It has a total line length of 60m, taking approximately 6 washing machine loads. Its lines are strong and robust to hang heavy washing. The outermost line length is 2.20 metres to accommodate large items. Its diagonal distance measures 3.52 metres, a helpful distance to spread washing out. The airer comes with 8 coat hanger hooks featured on the end of each of the rotary arms for shirts and other laundry that need to be free from folds. The rotary's lines stay clean thanks to its innovative line retraction mechanism. When the rotary is not in use, its arms can be closed - stored vertical - folding inwards with the lines vanishing into the arms of the clothesline. The lines keep free from dirt and weathering. Clean lines means spotless laundry, no longer the need to wipe clean. The rotary is effortless to open and close thanks to its deluxe easy lift system. Pulling the cord's red toggle and walking backwards, the arms spread out and release the lines from within. When fully up and tensioned the rotary's arms lock in position automatically. The cord then retracts into the airer to keep it tucked away and tidy. To close, press the release button on the arm. There is no bending down and ducking needed. The arms will drop on their own and pull the washing lines in keeping them tidy and tangle-free. Made of durable aluminium. The rotary is lightweight to carry and manageable to lift in and out of the ground. The rotary comes with a ground socket that can be anchored into the patio or the lawn. The rotary's aluminium frame also means no danger of rust forming and staining clothes. Socket for concrete installation supplied. Easy fit screw-in ground socket available as an optional accessory (82222519). Includes protective cover. Made in Germany. GS certified. 3 years Guarantee.

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