Leifheit's Linomatic Easy 400 Rotary airer has an innovative washing line retraction mechanism so the lines remain free from dirt and weathering. When the airer is closed, the arms store vertically and the lines vanish into the arms of the rotary keeping them tidy and tangle-free. The lines stay clean which means spotless laundry, and no longer the need to wipe lines clean. Easy to open by pulling the cord's red toggle and walking backwards The arms spread out and the lines are released from within the arms/li> Arms lock in position automatically when fully up and tensioned Close by the release pull on the central pole No bending down and ducking needed as rotary arms drop and pull the washing lines in themselves Line length of 40m (takes approximately 4 washing loads) Strong and robust lines to hang heavy washing Lightweight to carry and manageable to lift in and out of the ground Aluminium means no danger of rust forming and staining clothes Socket for concrete installation supplied Easy fit screw-in ground socket (John Lewis 80170511) available separately if required

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