Tyler, the Creator's fourth album finds him inching towards a more cinematic experience with a lush, layered progression that represents a mature leap from his early career output. The result is a more cohesive alum, one where Tyler embraces his sensitivity + individuality to their fullest extent. Features a superstar guest list including Fran Ocean, Lil' Wayne, A$AP Rocky + more. 2017, Columbia. **Tracklisting** 01. Foreword 02. Where This Flower Blooms 03. Sometimes… 04. See You Again 05. Who Dat Boy 06. Pothole 07. Garden Shed 08. Boredom 09. I Ain't Got Time! 10. 911 / Mr. Lonely 11. Droppin' Seeds 12. November 13. Glitter 14. Enjoy Right Now, Today Urban Outfitters Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy LP ALL

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