LED Star Wars 4.5 V Children's Night Light and Projector, 0.1 W - Black

£15–23.03 £18.66–23.03
This Star Wars 2 in 1 night light and image projector will amaze your child with magical story telling. Turn one of the film wheels to project 1 of the 24 adventurous scenes from Star Wars onto the ceiling or switch on, and let the adventure begin. The light will take your child's bedtime routine to another level, providing a comforting night light and mesmerising projector. Creates an adventurous ambiance. The night light makes your child feel safe at night, while the projector brings your child's favourite Star wars characters to life on the wall or ceiling. Has two-way switch integrated on the lamp so you can easily switch between the night light and the magical image projector. Has high quality LED light with warm white light for a cosy atmosphere. As the light is battery powered, it is fully portable meaning it can come with you where ever you require a reassuring light. Requires 3 x AA batteries. Batteries not included. This also comes with with 3 wheels, each consisting of 8 different images to stimulate your child's imagination.