Rest Easy Sleep Better Weighted Blanket


Size 3kg

Rest Easy Sleep Better Minecraft Weighted Blanket - 90 x 120 cm Partnering with Millipond Sleep Clinic, who have been helping children and adults enjoy better sleep for over 20 years, Rest Easy Sleep Better have designed this weighted blanket to help children have a great night's slumber. Calm and Relaxed It's an all-natural sleep aid that takes advantage of DTP (Deep Touch Pressure) - the gentle sensation of being hugged, which has been scientifically proven to release serotonin. This comforting embrace triggers a sense of calm, which helps kids fall asleep, as well as promoting a more restful and better sleep quality. It also means it's great for sleep disorders, restless leg syndrome and anxiety issues. Breathable and Evenly Distributed A micro-glass filling creates the perfect feeling of weight without bulk. They're packed into individually stitched pockets which ensure an even distribution of beads for consistent pressure. A 100% cotton top layer and luxurious plush reverse offer added cosiness, while the extra padded layer ensures the maximum comfort. Cool and Comfy In green, video game fans will love the Minecraft-inspired artwork. It looks just like a Creeper! How to Choose A blanket that is 7-12% of your child's body weight will give them the perfect amount of pressure to feel like a comforting cuddle and help them relax. The 2 kg blanket is suitable for kids between 16-25 kg, while the larger 3 kg blanket is ideal for children who weigh 25-40 kg. Please note: this blanket is not machine washable, please spot clean or dry clean to keep it looking its best. Depth: 50 MM Height: 1700 MM Washing Instructions: Wipe Clean Width: 1100 MM A weighted blanket has been shown to stimulate deep touch pressure (DTP) just in the same way as when we receive a comforting hug. DTP helps to break this vicious cycle by rousing our “rest and digest” nervous system And producing a feeling of relaxation and calm in both our mind and our body. Conditions that may benefit from weighted blankets include sleep disorders, restless leg syndrome and anxiety issues Rest Easy has partnered with Millpond Sleep Clinic to support your sleep needs. Pressure on the body helps us relax and sleep. Weighted blankets are designed to be around 10% of the average person's weight. Even distribution of beads resulting in a consistent pressure. This blanket is not suitable for children under 3 years. Spot clean & dry clean only.