Baby & Kids bathing milk 150ml


Did you know that after giving birth to her daughter, Pepper, in 2014, Dr. Barbara Sturm set out to create a collection of baby care products? Yep, so it’s made with the expertise of a doctor combined with the love of a mother. The Bathing Milk helps to soothe skin irritations while delivering a bucketload of long lasting hydration. Infused with almond flower extract and calendula, the fragrance free formula is blended with natural ingredients – we’re talking jojoba and sweet almond.Dr. Barbara Sturm Baby & Kids bathing milkApplication: Add o a bath with a water temperature of 36 degrees celsius. The Bathing Milk will rise to the surface of the water in flakes. Use the flakes to gently wash and hydrate your baby’s skin for 5 10 mins. Follow with the BABY & KIDS HAIR AND BODY SHAMPOO to wash their hair and scalp.150ml