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Flat, high, wedge. Nude, leather, suede, denim. Straps, embellished, closed, clasped, peep toe. We are talking shoes. But not any other shoe. We are talking Jimmy Choo. Colour and subtle detailing are the typical characteristics of Jimmy Choo shoes. Well - when we say “subtle”… With colours such as strong fuchsia, bright oranges, and fresh aquas adorning your feet, you will hardly go unnoticed. These colours pop up in Choo’s palette over and over again and are somewhat characteristic for Jimmy Choo style. Despite the recurring strong colours favoured by the designer, these and other details in the design are combined in such a way as to allow the whole shoe to work as a design piece and a statement. Choo loves bold exotic patterns - leopard prints, fish skin, snake skin - if it will enhance your foot, Jimmy Choo will use it. And yet, Jimmy Choo is everything but style over substance. After all, the eponymous founder of the label had a background in shoe-making. Born into a family of cobblers in Malaysia, Jimmy Choo learnt his craft at home and is reported to have made his first pair of shoes (or Choos) at age 11. He later moved to London and studied shoe design at the London College of Fashion. But true to his roots in shoe-making, the beauty of the design and comfortable wear for the owner are tantamount for Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo shoes come with instant glamour. Wear your Jimmy Choos and you will look great no matter whether you are at a garden party or on the red carpet. Delicate and luxurious, Jimmy Choos add elegance and style to any outfit, but are best worn to special occasions where you want to sparkle from head to toe. Thanks to a large selection of Jimmy Choo shoes from our shopping partners, Shopstyle will help you find the shoes of your dream - at the click of a button. Set a sales alert on any of your favourite Jimmy Choos and treat yourself to elegance and luxury.
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